by Marilyn Assenheim

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal contained a fascinating interview with noted liberal scholar, and not-so-incidentally feminist lesbian, Camille Paglia. Ms. Paglia delved into what she considers to be heinous attacks on masculinity in America. She warned of the dire consequences if attempts to feminize men continue. To her credit, Ms. Paglia is a free thinker. But a free thinker, whether statist or Conservative, cannot be tolerated by the feminist cabal. Because Ms. Paglia doesn’t adhere to the strict tenet of “woman as perpetual victim of an uncaring society” the lesbian contingent, never mind plain vanilla feminists, revile her. Feminist critics were keen to crucify Ms. Paglia’s carefully considered conclusions and her along with them.

One of the problems inherent with feminism (and just about any “ism” for that matter) is the utter, vitriolic absolute-“ism” that is practiced by its disciples. It is a glaringly apparent feature of every Balkanized group that our country has been fractured into. This fanatical stance toward any departure from politically correct canon is religious in its fervor. Another name for it is fascism. Freedom of speech is critical to any cogent communication. It derives from logical thought and facts, whether those facts are favorable or not, instead of relying on seething doctrine. One is entitled to one’s opinion but there is a difference between opinion and fact. Facts require verification. Lacking facts, today’s feminism, like all radical sects, intentionally confuses the two.

Too often feminism relies upon heated rhetoric, stemming from invalid interpretations of events, fueled by pious emotion. Paglia’s critics didn’t disappoint. Predictably, article content was twisted and phantoms were invented that weren’t in the article at all. The former, for example, insisted that Paglia considers domestic date rape less heinous than rape and sexual mutilations routinely occurring internationally. This was a perversion of what article expressed. What was said was that feminism refuses to recognize housewives or acknowledge that rape and sexual mutilation, acceptable in other cultures, is a true war on women. Such disregard makes feminism’s case look like what it is; pathetically transparent hypocrisy.

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