Racial Tensions Distracting Americans While ‘Major Financial Collapse is Imminent’


Media focus has helped to reopen old wounds on race, with people reacting news about police killings that were allegedly motivated by race, with mass murders at historic black churches, and now a string of burning black churches.

There is technique here. Inciting hatred has a tendency to spread and boil over… and then distract from the real issue.

With racial tensions at the forefront… the continued business of decline in American standards of living, and the deterioration of the American way is pushed to the background.

As usual, with people feeding off fear and the media happy with the high ratings of sensationalized violence, terrorism wins – most acutely, with its ability to distract from other problems.

System wide, the country is sagging quickly. The Middle Class is crumbling into a strata just above struggle for existence. The jobs are not coming back from offshore, except to the prisons. The onslaught of robotics and AI seriously threatens to wipe out millions more jobs. Low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve are skewing the economy and concentrating wealth for a few at expense of the rest of us. Greece again threatens to explode fragile global finance and set off destruction.
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