Rachel Dolezal Is a Product of Our Times


Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who claims she is black, has become the latest bit of strangeness on which the media can fixate.

I am what Ms. Dolezal wants to be, so I will add my take, as a black woman, to the conversation regarding her “preference” to live as a black woman.

Before I begin, let me state that Ms. Dolezal lacks integrity and that is her problem. What she wants to be and how she chooses to look is irrelevant. What she has done is lie and perpetrate fraud to the point of denying her natural parents’ existence. What she is is a product of our leftist, degenerating culture.

It is clear to me that this incident has less to do with playing race games and much more to do with the influence of a rotting culture that turns reality on its head and insists that there is only “subjective truth.” Many media and pundit types have had a field day either mocking or praising the ludicrousness of a white woman selfishly abandoning her family to pretend to be a race that she is not nor ever could or will be.

This situation is similar to the mock/praise dichotomy of responses to Bruce Jenner’s sad claim of being a gender that he is not and can never be. But through it all, not many will acknowledge what both these cases represent—a twisted denial of objective truth. Truth established by Almighty God, which is absolute, unchanging, and for all time. Your race is set; your gender is set. In God’s reckoning, that is the end of it.
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