Quit Your Job and Get On Food Stamps


What is wrong with helping people get food? Food is a necessity for survival. People generally want and need food to nourish their body. Don’t come around me when I am starving – if you do, it will be at your own risk as I charge for the refrigerator growling something likely unutterable. Nothing is wrong with getting food stamps, unless it’s costing taxpayers to the sweet tune of $114 billion dollars.

I have known of people who are on food stamps because they don’t want to work, and by not working they can get all sorts of government benefits, including food stamps. Single mothers who temporarily move out of a parent’s home to ensure they get the food stamps, and then promptly move back home.

As I was waiting in line at the grocery store, the cashier was engaging in a delightful conversation with the customer in front of me and sharing how she gets $700 of food stamps per month! “Well I do have four children…” was her response to the astonishment of the customer in front of me. On a positive note, at least she was working! $700 a month seems very steep to me. Do you know how much food I could buy with $700? Maybe not a lot of premixed and premade food, but I definitely could buy plenty of food and staples for that amount of money.

Allow me to clarify myself here. I am not opposed to people needing genuine help. I get that – there are folks who have real needs and are doing what they can to survive and become independent productive members of society.

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