Putting Your Life On The Line


The difficulty in America and most civilized countries in the world is that there has been an allowance made that years ago would never have been countenanced. Due to some strange and twisted logic there has come to the fore, a denial of truth that would make the “flat earth society” or those who deny that gravity exists seem almost reasonable.

When an instruction manual tells you that connecting Terminal A of Battery B will result in a nuclear explosion, it might be wise to put aside the Uranium 235 package and the detonation device and accept the truth of what you are playing with more than just in theory. Death is imminent, and running may not be enough to save you, your family, your city or your nation.

Remove the threat, get rid of it, nullify it, but of course first, recognize what it is; name it, say it, spread it, share it. “The British are coming, the British are coming” was the cry at a time when the alarm needed to be sounded and the citizens alerted. Silence is complicity, deception is treason.

Just because our President is covering for his brother Muslims does not mean the “We The People” need to accept his lies and bow to his illegitimate authority. In point of fact, it is now that our Founding Fathers would be screaming at the top of their lungs for us to do the right thing because the time has arrived.
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