Putin Sets The Record Straight On What He Thinks Of Turkey


President Putin doesn’t mince words and tells it like it is. In four words, no less.

With all of the nonsensical European Union (EU) policies being tossed around, which include sanctions on Russia, taxing nearly 80 percent of Scandinavian exports, and agreeing to admit Turkey into the EU– after the EU agreed to pay Turkey $3 billion to deport the Syrian refugees it doesn’t want, and to relocate them elsewhere at the EU’s expense– someone tells it like it is. And, he happens to be a former KGB agent and is now the president of Russia.

When asked in an interview on Russian television about how the Russian government would work with the EU, Putin replied “working with” Turkey wasn’t on the table. Why? Because, he said, what most European leaders won’t say publicly: “Turkey is not Europe.”

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