Push Back… Simply, PUSH BACK


Let me start with a disclaimer for those who can’t figure it out on their own. Violence is NEVER the way. With that said, protecting yourself physically from people who are trying to do you physical harm is not violence, it’s called self-defense.

This week, as I do every week to get ready for 3 hours of radio per day, I read emails sent to me from around the country about issues and problems going on in our local communities, schools, and work. Regularly, it seems that conservatives or the more Right-leaning people are verbally abused by the Left. They are called names like; Neanderthals, ignorant, haters, prudes, and name-your-phobe. The list goes on. I’d go to my trigger room, but there isn’t one for conservatives! Trigger rooms are reserved for those “progressives” who feel that any term or word that makes them feel uncomfortable should be banned and the person speaking the words should be labeled haters.

Every aspect of life, every value, every good and decent thing that this country stands for is not only being challenged BUT is being viciously attacked, and mostly by people who want and want and want and things they usually don’t deserve or haven’t worked for.

Before you fly off the handle, we ALL should have the opportunity (not a guarantee!) to pursue a life of happiness and prosperity. That doesn’t mean we get to do it from the couch or pub, but by working and working hard. MANY wealthy people have made it through hard work, determination, and self-risk. People who work for other people’s companies also had the opportunity to pursue their own business and could have also been successful. But they CHOSE to work for someone. PERIOD.
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