Public Elementary School Switching to Gender-Neutral Bathrooms


Our nation continues to grow ever more confused and California continues to lead the way in that endeavor. The latest example of this comes to us from San Francisco, where some local school officials have decided to switch from gender-specific to gender-neutral bathrooms.

There are some 365 students at Miraloma Elementary school, and school officials guess that between 6 and 8 of those students don’t fit in “traditional” gender roles. So “In order to make using the restroom a carefree process for every student, the San Francisco school has started getting rid of gendered bathrooms.” However, it seems that the school has forgotten to take in into account the 357-359 other students at the school who do fit in traditional gender roles and may not feel so “carefree” about being forced to use the same bathroom as a member of the opposite sex.

The school’s principal, Sam Bass, wrote a letter to the parents about the decision to make the expensive, confusing and unnecessary switch.


1. How was the decision made to convert to gender neutral bathrooms? Was parent input included?

The decision to convert to gender neutral bathrooms was based on student need.  Miraloma Elementary strives to be a leader in SFUSD for inclusive practices, welcoming all families, and most importantly welcoming all students. 
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