Protect Our Fourth Amendment Rights and Go After Terrorists


When you provoke someone bigger, stronger and more lethal – you would normally expect the worse. America is that someone that is bigger stronger and more lethal – YET – all we do is throw jabs… Figuratively and literally. When America is provoked we need to show our enemies their blood and guts, fast, quick and in a hurry. Stop pussy-footing around. Remember President Reagan’s reaction when Muammar Gaddafi was determined to have destroyed Pan Am Flight 103? Yeah, we lobbed a Mark 82 smart bomb into the Gaddafi family tent. Not only did Muammar not act up for about 15 years, he gave up his weapons program. There is only one thing these jamokes understand, folks. But here we are, using Google and Verizon to infringe upon American’s civil liberties in order to figure out the terrorist’s next move – instead of just taking care of business.

Terrorists need money to operate and arm themselves and if you cut off the funding, you cut off the terror. We spend $80 billion a year on these NSA programs which infringe on our Fourth Amendment rights – why aren’t we spending that money to stop the funding and organizing of actual terrorism? We know who is doing the funding – make like Reagan and blast a cap in their ass!

I say the best way of keeping America safe is to unleash her. When someone provokes America we bury them. We hit them hard, fast and without mercy. We make it known around the world that America will destroy you if you screw with us. Period – end of story. We will save more lives in the long run by using fire to fight fire. And when we’re done, make it clear to every leader of every country that the next one is coming for them unless they begin helping us ferret-out these murderous animals wherever they operate. But no, we’re busy trying to figure out who you’re Skype-ing late at night, instead of just taking care of business.

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