Progressive Educators’ Dreams for Other People’s Children


Since Christians are sending their children to government schools—often out of necessity—where they will be taught that soul-destroying homoerotic activity is good and that disapproval of it is hateful, parents should be aware of what many liberal teachers think of them and their beliefs.

Rich Robinson, homosexual high school English teacher from Freeport High School in Freeport, Maine sends email messages to IFI in which he expresses views that many “progressive” teachers hold but are too cagey to admit publicly. Here are two that he sent to IFI recently:

  1. “It is nothing short of exhilarating to see Laurie Higgins quiver in anger because a learned and caring nation says her vitriol and Indiana’s covert attempt to discriminate have been called out in grand fashion. Laurie, own your hate. State your hate. Terms like homoerotic are silly and a reflection of your infantile hurt because you just can’t get your way. Sorry, silly bigot. You just don’t get to deny others because you hate them. Welcome to a world of responsible inclusion.”

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