Private Health Records To Be Collected And Shared Without Your Permission


Alert! All of our private health care records may soon be collected and shared without our permission!   We will become government lab rats.

It is the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020 plan to use all of 35 federal departments and agencies to collect and then share our health care information with anyone they think could use it to make us healthier, don’t you know.  and

We are all now research animals in our government’s eyes.  Privacy is of no concern, for we belong to the government – we are their lab rats.  Add this program to the one that allows the NSA to access all of our phone and internet records.  Where will it all end?

According to the Weekly Standard, “doctors and other health providers have been offered incentives [monetary bribes]to convert patient information and health histories to a compatible and transferable electronic format.  As of June 2014, 75 percent of eligible doctors and 92 percent of eligible hospitals had received payments under the program”.

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