Primary Aftermath


by Steve Deace

The first full-fledged primary night with the Republican Party establishment and its liberty-loving base going head-to-head is now in the books. And there’s no spinning it – it was a bad night for the good guys.

Daniel Horowitz at Red State has a good summary of what happened:

Kentucky: Horowitz notes Matt Bevin did very well in GOP strongholds in the northern part of the state, where Ditch McConnell needs a large turnout to win this fall. Thus, he is going to have to reach out to Bevin’s base. McConnell’s re-elect numbers are probably the worst for any incumbent Republican in a very pro-GOP cycle. For example, over 90,000 more people voted in Kentucky’s uncontested Democrat primary than voted in the hotly-contested Republican primary McConnell won. That is a bad sign for McConnell this fall. As is the the fact he got the lowest percentage of the vote in a primary of any Kentucky incumbent U.S. Senator since 1938.

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