Presidents on Twitter: George W. Joins the Conversation


This past week former President George W. Bush continued the trend of political figureheads joining the Twittersphere. President Bush joins a host of other political figures who have already established a presence on the site, including a few fellow presidents of the United States. An analysis of the accounts created by these political figures displays contrasting styles and agendas.

Other Presidents on Twitter

Bush is not the first president to create an account on the popular social network, as current President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton already have a presence on the site. In terms of the current president’s account, a disclaimer is offered stating that the account’s tweets are not all from the president himself. The “Organizing for Action” staff writes a majority of the account’s tweets, as cited in the bio. Tweets that actually are written by President Obama himself are marked with his initials, “BO.”

The majority of the tweets on President Obama’s account are political in nature. Glancing at the feed will reveal content promoting the Affordable Care Act and the benefits of nationwide health care. Given the political nature of his tweets and that he is not the sole author, President Obama’s account seems to be more of a political tool rather than a social sharing hub.

As for President Clinton’s account, it appears that he is the sole author as his tweets have a much more personal feel. Recent tweets on President Clinton’s account include a tweet commemorating his friendship with the late Nelson Mandela, a tweet voicing that he is thankful to be with his family for Thanksgiving, and a happy birthday wish to his wife. Clinton also leverages the social media site to promote the Clinton Foundation, an organization dedicated to global social responsibility.

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