President Trump Has Paul Ryan Cracking the Whip on Capitol Hill, on a Three-Week Schedule to Repeal Obamacare


During the primary and presidential campaign season, I was told by many Trump-haters that Donald Trump was never going to be able to get anything done, even if he was elected President. Many of these Trump-haters were people who called themselves conservatives.

I reminded the Trump-haters that President Trump was certainly going to have a majority in both chambers of Congress. The Senate was a bit less certain than the House, but I felt both would remain in Republican hands, and they did.

They argued that Donald Trump couldn’t get along with people and that even Republicans would revolt against him. I called that nonsense. He is a master negotiator who has made billions “getting along with people.”

So, where are you Trump-haters now? After less than a month and a half historic things are happening, and except for a few corrupt and/or insane Rinos, President Trump is getting things done at a record pace.

As reported by The Washington Times, House Republicans on Thursday said leaders want to smooth over party divisions and pass their Obamacare repeal plan within three weeks, as the GOP scrambles to keep its health care promises before the Easter break.

GOP leaders are trying to repeal and replace as much of the Affordable Care Act as they can under a fast-track budget process that allows them to avoid a Democratic filibuster in the Senate.

Rank-and-file members said relevant committees are striving to mark up their bills next week, so the plan can advance through House budget and rules panels before hitting the floor.

“We’re still planning on moving this as quick as we can,” Rep. Chris Collins, a New York Republican who sits on the pivotal Energy and Commerce Committee. “It’s going to take three weeks. A week here, a week in Budget and a week in Rules — we want to get it going.”

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