President Obama Treated Worse than a Child


by Kevin Jackson

My recent post titled “America needs a white Republican president” has brought out the raving Leftist lunatics.

Despite the fact that I’m black, most Leftists are calling me a racist. And what is more pathetic is, they have called my friend Joe the Plumber a racist for re-posting the article.

It should come as no surprise that most of the ignoramuses who commented about the article only read the title – or had somebody read the title to them. And in the case of the HuffPo, which called Joe the Plumber a racist, they didn’t even bother to check the substance of the article.

The gist of the article is that, if America had a white Republican president, everybody would be free to criticize him without fear of being called a racist.

I go on to make the point that disagreeing with Obama should have the same implications as disagreeing with a white, Republican president.

Apparently not. God forbid Obama should have to actually deal with life like a mature adult.

White Republican presidents need no such protection. Blacks disagreed with Bush and many wanted him to fail. Were they deemed racists? Of course not. Even for the blacks who are racists, people just chalked their criticism up to a difference in ideologies.

I made the following comment recently to a panel of distinguished Democrats at a prestigious institution:

Black Conservatives are called behind scratching, black-anglo-saxon, boot-licking, buck-dancing, butt-kissing, co-caucasian, cocktail-sipping, foot shuffling, hi yaller, handkerchief-head, opporTOMist, Oreo ™ cookie, rent-a-Tom, servant-of-the-right-wing, self-hating, self-loathing, shoeshine boy, speak-when-spoken-to, Stepin Fetchit, thank-ya-boss, uppity un-cola, Uncle Tom, race traitor, Rush Limbaugh wannabes, to name a few.

I then asked,

“Can you name me ONE thing that black Liberals are called by black conservatives?”

Answer by one of the panelists:


That’s the best that fraud could do.

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