President Obama Makes Light of IRS Scandal


by Onan Coca

President Obama went to MSNBC this week to face the hard-hitting journalists that reside there. The man who drew the short straw was none other than Chris “thrill-up-his-leg” Matthews, who spent his time drooling over the President and tossing softballs meant to make the President appear Presidential. One of the more disgusting moments came when Matthews asked the President about the fallout from the IRS scandal, and how most Americans seem to have lost their trust in government.

“When we do things right, they don’t get a lot of attention, that’s not — that’s not something that’s reported about. If, on the other hand, you’ve got an office in Cincinnati, in the IRS office that — I think, for bureaucratic reasons, is trying to streamline what is a difficult law to interpret about whether a nonprofit is actually a political organization, deserves a tax exempt agency. And they’ve got a list, and suddenly everybody’s outraged.

And by the way, Chris, I’ll point out that there are some so-called progressives and, you know, perceived to be liberal commentators who during that week were just as outraged at the possibility that these folks, you know, had — had been, you know, at the direction of — the Democratic Party, in some way — discriminated against these folks.”

IRS and FECOf course, we shouldn’t have expected anything else from the Democrat’s official media arm at MSNBC. But the entire discourse is completely self-serving. Even as you read this, Congress is still investigating what happened within the IRS that allowed them to target conservatives and pressure them in an unfair manner. Just recently Representative Darrell Issa went so far as to say that now the FBI had involved itself in the scandal and was stonewalling Congress’ investigation. So for the President to go on national television and act like the story is over and done with is disrespectful and sad.

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