Predictions for 2016: Hillary, Obama, and the GOP Nominee


Jeff Dunetz at LidBlog has the following predictions for 2016:

Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, truly believe they can bully Israel into signing an agreement with the Palestinians which will put the Jewish state in danger of not being able to defend herself. After all, they created a deal with Iran which did that, and were able to hold the democratic party ranks together in congress.


The FBI will not finish its investigation of Hillary Clinton until after the election on November 8th. No matter the evidence, if she wins the election there will be no indictment, but if she loses she will be tried.


On the GOP side…well it depends. This has been a strange political year. Every time Donald Trump uttered something that would destroy other campaigns, his support increases. Every time, I’ve predicted one of his crazy outbursts would kill his campaign, his supporters bring out the clubs and pitchforks. Trump’s supporters are not crazy or stupid as many believe, they are just angry and believe Trump will actually do what others promised but failed to implement.


Read the full prediction at LidBlog

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