Preach Politics Preachers!


by Victoria Jackson

Will your pastor be arrested if he talks about politics from the pulpit? No. According to the Constitution we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Funny thing is, only the conservatives clam up. The Democrats rule the black churches. Obama’s pastor shouted, “God “Da**” America” from his pulpit. We saw that clip over and over on TV. Liberals aren’t afraid to use synagogues to push their candidates. Why are Christians afraid? See link.

Show this video and website to your pastor and ask him why he isn’t speaking up. We are losing America and freedom. In this month’s Decision magazine and Redstate there is a story about the Government actually punishing a couple in Colorado who refused to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual marriage because it was against their faith. And…gay marriage is illegal in Colorado! Government punishment? Next are re-education camps for political dissidents or Christians. That is a nice word for jail.

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