PP Board Member Prosecuting Undercover Video Investigators


Only in America will the party that blows the whistle on the horrifying practice of harvesting unborn babies in order to sell their organs get indicted. And prosecuted by a team that includes a Planned Parenthood board member…and not in State Capitol Austin but in the city of Houston where Anne Richards’ daughter is the head of Planned Parenthood. Unbelievable.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) requested a criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood Golf Coast back in August 2015, after the CMP video series was released showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale and harvesting of body parts from aborted babies.  The Harris County DA, Devon Anderson (also an R), agreed to undertake an investigation in the Houston area, and had the grand jury convened to consider charges.

The charges brought based on that grand jury’s deliberations are clearly not from an investigation of PPGC, however. Presumably there was an investigation of Planned Parenthood (the grand jury brought no charges against the organization), but the charges actually brought are based on an investigation of CMP and the two video investigators named in the indictment!

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