Power To The People? WhiteHouse.gov Petition Seeks to Give Alaska Back to Russia


by Spencer Brown

Since launching the ‘We The People” section of WhiteHouse.gov that allows citizens to petition the White House online, there have been some interesting topics. From the comfort of their couches all wrapped in the latest animal print snuggies, concerned citizens have petitioned the federal government to build the Death Star, among other things. Petitions have asked that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) relax some regulations on marijuana so further research can more easily take place, that Daylight Saving Time is ended in the US, and to remove Congressman Darrell Issa from his committee assignments.

Some petitions are reasonable and receive an official response from the White House, where as others titled only “DO NOT DELETE THIS PETITION” are inevitably doomed. The rules are simple, start a petition and share it to gain signatures. If a petition receives 100,000 signatures in 30 days, an official response is issued by the White House. It gets awkward at times as people ask the President to do things far outside of his administration’s purview, such as repealing laws or “requiring all single-stall bathrooms to be made unisex.”

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