POTUS Wannabe is No Margaret Thatcher


Cara Carleton Sneed of the Austin Montross-Juergens Sneeds is the daughter of Joseph Tyree Sneed III, himself the son of a Texas rancher and landowner. Sneed the Younger earned a degree from Southwestern University in 1941, then served as a Sergeant in the Army Air Corps during World War II.

In the postwar period, Joseph Sneed attended the University of Texas School of Law and became a full professor in 1954. After holding a few teaching positions on the East Coast, he served as Deputy Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice. In 1973, he was nominated to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by President Richard Nixon, and sat on the court until his death in 2008.

The son of a Texas rancher who winds up a college professor on the East Coast, then goes to work for the government for the rest of his life definitely arouses my suspicion. It sounds as though at some point, Sneed the Younger may have become enamored of those novel sociopolitical concepts that were being bandied about at the time in universities and coffee shops by bearded academics and wealthy, spoiled writers from New York.

In any case, Cara Carleton Sneed of the Austin Montross-Juergens Sneeds had the sort of upbringing one might expect considering her background – Bachelor’s from Stanford, Master’s from MIT, and an MBA from the University of Maryland. She held a couple of high-level positions at AT&T, then moved on to Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs), where she ultimately became President of their Consumer Products Sector.

Now, I don’t have a problem with people who come from money. Someone has to come from money in America, or we’re Haiti. The problem I have is with people who believe that their money elevates them to the status of an innately superior being, which is antithetical to the founding principles of this nation.

What’s ironic is that there are wealthy Americans who grew up in poverty, but within a shockingly brief period of time came to believe that their money had elevated them to the status of an innately superior being. This being the case, I can only imagine the degree of elitism inculcated into someone whose family hasn’t wanted for much over the last hundred years.

Cara Carleton Sneed of the Austin Montross-Juergens Sneeds wound up getting married a couple of times while she was busy conquering corporate America. Her second marriage in 1985 was to a man named Frank Fiorina, who may have supplied her with the second most valuable asset she has considering her present career goals (the first being her very conservatively-estimated $100 million net worth).

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