POTUS Claims Obamacare is Constitutional


by Carly Hill

I really try to give our President the benefit of the doubt on things. I know that he is as far left as I am right, but the picture he paints of conservatives is not only dividing the nation – it’s also a total misrepresentation of who we are and what we believe. He is making the true patriots of this country out to be terrorists! He states it as simply as saying that Republicans just don’t want a bill that will help millions of people to succeed – without bringing to light any of our actual concerns. He even went as far as to say that Obamacare is Constitutional!

Check out this video of his speech on Politico.

There is nothing Constitutional about it! This law is forcing Americans to buy into a healthcare plan in which employers must go against their religious right and insure their employee’s abortions. It is forcing Americans into situations where the government can decide on a their medical treatment!

One anonymous reader wrote a rant on the effects of this bill after having read the bill himself. No one is reporting this stuff, but under Obamacare, the government can decide a patient should be euthenised. Even scarier, the government can decide you have too many children based on your income and advise you to get an abortion consult.

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