Pope Francis is the Time Person of the Year


by Onan Coca

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Every year the folks over at Time Magazine go through a wide list of candidates searching for who the “Person of the Year” will be. Politicians, religious leaders, entertainers, athletes and businessmen and women all get considered for the media popularity contest. Some years, Time gets it right and selects a person who has really accomplished a great deal over the year. Other times the magazine picks President Barack Obama for things that he “wants” to accomplish.

This is one of those “Barack Obama” years.

The people at Time magazine have selected Pope Francis as the “Person of the Year.” The Pope is extremely influential in any year; he is the leader of a religious organization that counts a population of over 1.2 Billion people. In the minds of most Catholics, the Pope is the voice of God on earth and the things that he says carry great weight. However, this is not why Time has chosen him as person of the year.

Pope Francis wins person of the year because he bucks the “traditional” approach of other Popes and has spoken openly against a “conservative” view of certain church practices. Time magazine and the left like this Pope because he speaks ambiguously about homosexuality and openly against capitalism (though he seems to misunderstand what capitalism actually is). In other words, Time Magazine has chosen Pope Francis as their person of the year because he is a useful idiot.

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