Pope Francis the Popular


by Carly Hill

I remember sitting in History class at my Christian high school and staring at the clock, waiting for the seconds to tick by so I could go back into the hallway and flirt with my boyfriend. Teachers know that students like to stare at the clock, so my (smart) teacher had strategically placed one of those corny, 90s looking posters right under the clock that said “What is popular is not always right; what is right is not always popular.” By osmosis, this got burned into my brain and I still think of it often.

It was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about all these controversial, or “cool” (as the liberals and LGBT community say) comments that Pope Francis was making.

I had a really hard time forming an opinion on this, to be honest. I had to read and re-read his statements over and over and line them up with Biblical truth and ask myself – is he handling this correctly?

His take on gay marriage, abortion, and birth control seems to be a “who am I to judge” philosophy – which is Biblically accurate and sound. God is the judge of each man. We are not to look at the sin in our brother’s life and show OUR own personal disapproval. We can’t expect non-believers to live their lives according to a Biblical moral standard if they don’t have a relationship with Christ. But, I think this Pope could be doing something very dangerous. He is leaving out a part of the truth.

This is the truth:
-God is the judge, not I.
– We, as Christians should show mercy, not condemnation.
-** (Here’s what Francis is missing) We are to uphold the Word of God – all of it – even the parts that are unpopular in the current culture.

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