Pope To Call For Action On Global Warming


It’s always wise to take anything the left-wing media say with a few grains of salt, but even more so when it comes to discussions of the current pope.

Ever since Francis ascended to the Throne of St. Peter, the media have tried to turn him into some sort of Marxist superhero. Some stories have been heavily spun to try to create a pope who supports everything from mass wealth confiscation to homosexual “marriage.”

But there’s a curse that comes with being the most instantly informed generation in history. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes “truth.” Eventually, fact and fiction can no longer be separated.

So it is with common people, so it is with popes.

The Guardian, Slate, BillMoyers.com and other leftward outlets are trumpeting a supposed papal encyclical soon to be released that would exhort Catholics and other Christians to take action to fight global warming on moral grounds.
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