Politicians just Pretending to Support States Rights?


It’s that simple. States’ Rights advocates all over the country talk about how states have no authority or power and how the federal government has subsumed powers that do not properly belong to it in the Constitution.

But the most important piece of this discussion revolves around taxation, and it’s where even some of the most ardent states’ rights folks start to falter. I believe that the only way to return power to local governments is for local governments to be the only tax-collecting entities.

Consider the current system: the federal government taxes individuals directly for the lion’s share of the taxes they pay, then the federal government turns around and gives some of those taxes to state and local governments to carry out certain federal programs. Every state receives federal funds, particularly in the once Confederate and now completely dependent South, and all of those funds are collected by the federal government from individuals, then returned to state and local governments by paternal Washington.


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