PolitiChicks Nat’l Director Ann-Marie Murrell: The Story of “R”


by Ann-Marie Murrell

Once upon a time, a group of people created the most perfect product ever made. This product could literally change the world if people would simply put it to use. They called this product, “R”.

They built a building around R, and they filled the building with wonderful, patriotic people who were trained to sell R. Instead of advertising or using a large sign, they attached a very small, very tasteful “R” onto the front of the building. When some of the younger R people questioned this, they were told, “Our product doesn’t need anything big and flashy to sell it; after all, it is the perfect product.”

The problem with this marketing strategy, or lack thereof, was that across the street from R was their main competitor, known as “D”.

The D’s also had a building but in front of theirs, they had a gigantic rotating “D”, lit up with thousands of sparkling neon lights. Inside their building, they had young people of all nationalities speaking all languages, creating new technology and new ways of getting their D message out into the world. They created things like Facebook and Twitter, and as soon as they got bored with those they started creating new ways to get their message across.

In front of the D building, there were young sign spinners, tossing signs high in the air to generate attention. Other D workers were calling out to people as they passed by, “You don’t even need to come inside—here’s a free cell phone for you! All you have to do to thank us is give us a call just before election time—or better yet, we’ll call you to remind you who to vote for!”

And when children walked past the D building on their way home from school, D employees would give them free laptops, telling them, “Be sure to tell your parents the D’s gave this to you because unlike those evil R’s across the street, we love children and care about your education!”

One day a couple of savvy young college students wandered into the D building. These men had actually read their Constitution and Bill of Rights and understood fully well what the D’s were doing. When they asked, “Who’s paying for these cell phones and lap tops?” they were scornfully told, “How dare you ask questions like that–you sound like those evil R’s across the street!”

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