PolitiChicks Exclusive Interview: Liz Cheney, Fighting for Wyoming


Confident, strong, upfront and fearless – these are but a few terms I would use to describe Liz Cheney. A fourth generation Wyomingite, Ms. Cheney announced her bid for the Senate against incumbent Senator Mike Enzi on July 17, 2013 and immediately Wyoming was in the spotlight with talk about the younger female conservative taking on the eighteen-year veteran.

As a Wyomingite, and a young(ish) conservative woman I was thrilled to hear this news, as were conservatives from all over the country who were suddenly asking me about my state, many of them envious of the potential to have a real fighter in the Senate – a strong voice for conservatives. Recently, it was my great pleasure to speak with Ms. Cheney and ask her a few questions about her campaign, her views and what she can do for Wyoming, and the US.

SJ: Why have you chosen to run in Wyoming at this time and how do you respond to criticisms that you are “carpet bagging?”

LC: Wyoming has always been my home. As a fourth generation Wyomingite, my family settled here in 1907 with agricultural roots in Fremont County. My great grandfather also worked in the Salt Creek oil fields and my grandmother was the first female deputy sheriff in Natrona County. Wyoming is a place where the values are ones I was raised with. There was never a question of running from someplace else. And now with our freedoms under assault from the Federal Government and a president who doesn’t seem concerned about violating the Constitution, we cannot afford “business as usual” in Washington DC; that’s why I’ve decided to run.

SJ: What are your key issues?

LC: My key issues focus on fighting against Federal overreach. Obama believes in massive government spending and more taxes – he has really given federal agencies free reign to expand their power and authority in ways that are directly affecting and hurting Wyoming families and businesses. Wyoming needs representation in Washington DC, a strong, conservative voice who is willing to stand up, fight and lead. Someone who doesn’t just say, well, I voted for the coal industry – but someone who is willing to push back on the war on coal. We can’t sit back for the next three years and just hope Obama doesn’t do too much damage, we must fight to prevent it.

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