More Political Games: Commentary on the Federal Government Shutdown


I’m taking a step away from my usual gun rights post to comment on some of the obscene games being played in the federal government shutdown.

As this shutdown has progressed, the executive branch has made it plain that rather than dealing with the legislative branch in and of its own right, it is once again going to throw a three-year-old temper tantrum so bad that the worst kid couldn’t even come close to competing with it. Rather than accepting that the people have spoken and stated firmly that they want no more Obamacare as a majority, the executive branch has taken it upon itself to play games with the American people.

There’s a point where you can push a good person too far. Our veterans, who not only laid their lives on the line during our country’s wars, have been barred from the monument they and other Americans have paid for out of their own wallets, after having their taxes removed and sent straight to the IRS, of course. At the same time, an amnesty rally for illegal immigrants is allowed as the National Mall, which is paid for by our tax dollars, is reopened for that event but not the general citizenry.

Don’t get me wrong, this country was founded on immigration – LEGAL immigration. My great-grandparents immigrated at the turn of the last century from Sweden, just to have their son, my mom’s uncle Lefty, die in the Pacific front on the sands of Iwo Jima. But those decedents of LEGAL immigrants can’t see the memorial paid for by the American people without using tax dollars while illegal immigrants, who often receive my tax dollars in the form of federal welfare assistance, are allowed on the National Mall my tax dollars paid for??!!

There are a few claiming this is their first amendment right. I’m sorry, but a right is something enjoyed by a LEGAL CITIZEN or RESIDENT of a country, not someone who is breaking the law! We take the second amendment rights away from dangerous felons when they break the law, why would an ILLEGAL immigrant have a right to free speech at the cost of my tax dollars!!

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