Political Correctness: A Call To Be Offensive


THE WORLD IS AT WAR. No, I am not talking about the “War on Terror” or the “Arab Spring” or any other dispute on going right now. I am talking about the war no one is talking about, a war so deadly that it affects your daily lives. However it is run in a very silent way in the hope that by the time you realise what’s happened, it will be too late to do anything. So what is this war?

Its name has many forms including liberalism, progressivism, statism, socialism and communism. These are all fatal because they seek not only to de-humanise the individual but also to place power into the hands of the few. I have a few examples (please don’t get caught up on the issues) I would like to share with you:

Example 1

My boss recently released a video discussing gay marriage and the ruling in the Supreme Court. This was her first video on this subject because as she put it “it’s a touchy subject and she hates offending people”. There is an old saying – there are two sides to every story. However today if you do not support gay marriage you are demonized and called every name possible.

Can people no longer have different opinions?

Why is it ok for gays or any other section of society to take a religious term, says it’s immoral and wrong, change it to suit themselves and then insist religious people follow their standards?
But when those religious people fight back they are in the wrong? They are attacking a minority…

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