Please Beware of a Website Called “National Report”


by Donald Joy

The subtlest of subterfuge is being practiced at all times, everywhere, by those of the Alinskyite Left. Although they’re malevolently delusional about what makes a society just, moral, and economically healthy, they can be as cunning as foxes and brilliantly Machiavellian in their strategy and tactics.

Primary among the items on their agenda is to continually ridicule those of us on the Right. In fact, Saul Alinsky himself, in his classic community-organizing handbook titled Rules for Radicals, taught his rule #5 as follows: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates your opponent, which then reacts to your advantage.”

I’d been marginally aware of the website known as for some time, how long I’m not exactly sure, but only in recent days did I become somewhat alarmed about their content, and about the fact that suddenly an increasing number of my conservative friends on Facebook are posting/”sharing” stories from that site, as if the stories are genuine.

What is specifically alarming to me is that my friends are being duped into ridiculing themselves, and into unwittingly casting ridicule upon the entire conservative cause, by a gaggle of clever Leftists who write for National Report.

National Report pretends (somewhat successfully) to be a conservative news and opinion website proudly aligned with the Tea Party camp. Their banner masthead features pictures of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin on either side of the large bold text, NATIONAL REPORT, with “America’s #1 Independent News Team” in smaller text underneath.

Here’s the problem: It’s one thing for unwary or unsophisticated conservatives to mistakenly think some satirical piece on The People’s Cube or The Daily Currant is real, and not the tongue-in-cheek lampooning that those sites are known for. But it’s another thing when those on our side of the aisle swallow Trojan-hoaxes that are planted within what deceptively appears to be a right-wing website, intended to discredit our movement and expose us as dense, gullible, religious-redneck simpletons when we spread the fake stories virally as if they are real, and perpetuate the usual passionate outrage among conservatives at the outrageous (but fake) content in them.

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