Photo impact, Voting felons, TN 10th Amendment fight, & #BlackLivesMatter


Consider the impact of a single photo to shape public opinion. Like this one from Vietnam War era. A photo does not always portray the whole truth, sometimes it’s the exact opposite!

Do only blacks get convicted of felonies in Virginia? VA governor grants felons the right to vote, so that blacks aren’t disenfranchised (his words, not mine!) Politicians are concerned saying, “1 in 5 black adults have LOST their voting rights.” They didn’t LOSE them, they GAVE them up when they broke the law. It’s called “a consequence.”

Tennessee sues federal government over Muslim refugee resettlement. They officially withdrew from the refugee resettlement program. But it looks like the Feds just ignored them and settled people there anyway. Get ready for this 10th Amendment challenge!

Coastal Carolina students demand to hear opposing side after BLM leader speaks on campus saying the #BlackLivesMatter movement is too anti-law enforcement and politically charged.


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