Pharmaceutical Co. Declares War: 250,000 Doses of Ebola Vaccine Slated for June 2015


by Susan Horton

Johnson and Johnson just announced last week plans to test Ebola vaccine in 20,000 humans this January and could have a quarter million doses available by springtime. Alex Gorsky CEO, Johnson and Johnson says, “We absolutely think this is a critical first step in the war against Ebola. We have been working on this for some time now. As often is the case with science it’s a little bit of knowledge, then you have a hypothesis and then you test it out.

Our scientist have made a lot of progress by taking a very focused approach with one of our vaccines produced out of Crucell, Netherlands unit and combining it with another companies vaccine. This consists of two injections; one to prime the immune system and a second to Boost the response, a one two punch.”

They were given 2 months apart in the Monkey tests and the combination provided (complete protection) in the animals. Researchers are now testing a single shot of GSK’s vaccine. Johnson & Johnson is developing the vaccine with the Danish biotech company Bavarian Nordic.

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