Peter King and the Moderates are “Tired” of Conservatives


by Onan Coca

Color Congressman Peter King (R-NY) angry. He is fed up with having to jump through all these hoops being laid out by Senator Ted Cruz, and he’s not going to take it anymore! The mordant representative from Long Island, New York is sick and tired of feeling like Cruz is leading the Republican Party, and he was on Fox News to tell the world about it.

“We have too many people in our party, it’s a minority, who are following Ted Cruz, and they are tying up the entire Republican Party… The overwhelming majority of House members would vote to keep the government open. I’m tired of having Ted Cruz call the shots for the House Republicans.”

Once again, the moderates of the GOP caucus have things all wrong. Living in their little Washington, D.C. bubble, they have come to believe that they create the paths down which the party follows. Nothing can be further from the truth, Mr. King. Nothing.

For the Republican representatives who went home for the August recess, there can be little doubt about what the people who vote Republican want. We want the complete and utter destruction of Obamacare. Socialized medicine is anathema to the average Republican voter, and we let those souls brave enough to hold town halls over the recess know it.

I think Chuck Woolery (yes, that Chuck Woolery) says it best.

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