Perceived Racism versus Real Racism


I am getting sick and tired of everyone condemning the Confederate flag because of their own racist views, not those of others. It seems that those screaming the loudest are in fact the most racist. All they see is race. Their blind to history and reality and they want everyone else to pay and suffer for their own racial hatred.

Case in point is what is happening to Tanya Russo Landry, an elementary school teacher. Earlier this month she posted her thoughts about the removal of the Confederate Flag and the double standard of racism in America on her personal Facebook page:

“I totally think it should not be taken down as history is history.”

“I lived in SC for 10 years and looked at the flag as part of its history … not hatred. I’m so tired of everyone being offended by the smallest things. We live in America for freedoms, not making sure everyone is not offended.”

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