The “Pen and Phone” President Sends 275 Troops Into Iraq Without Asking Congress


by Matt Fox

Well, I guess that answers the big “will they or won’t they” question of the week. The Obama administration announced late on Monday that they will deploy 275 military troops into Iraq, mere hours after Obama proclaimed on Friday that “we will not be sending U.S. troops back into combat in Iraq.” Team Obama will of course argue that these will be special forces soldiers rather than “combat troops,” lest any critic believe there’s an inconsistency there. But make no mistake about it: the report given to Congress makes it abundantly clear that these troops WILL be equipped for combat, and they’ll remain there until the security situation improves. Any claim to the contrary by the White House is purely a semantic argument, and given the absolute collapse we’re seeing in the region, we should be prepared to see at least some level of casualties. No mention or apology, of course, for pulling all the troops out of the Obama-coined “dumb war” in the first place.

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