PC.tv Guest Writer Dan Bongino: How Did We Get to This Point?


by Dan Bongino

How is it that, in our relatively short, two-hundred-year-plus history, we have moved from a service-oriented, citizen-centric, limited government to our current insider-centric leviathan? I spent twelve years inside the Washington DC “Bubble” as a Secret Service agent under three presidential administrations (Clinton, Bush and Obama) and saw firsthand a government which has been bought and sold. In the months preceding my resignation from the Secret Service in May of 2011, I grew disillusioned with a government that had become so detached from the citizens it was obligated to serve, that the term “service” was being dramatically distorted. This sense of disillusionment led me to resign and run for public office in an attempt to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Our White House and Capitol have become revolving doors for political celebrities, insider-cronies, and insulated bureaucrats. If you have the money, then you have the access. Here’s how the process corrupts the system. Elected Representative A needs money to run for reelection and he calls the well-connected “Insider B” to solicit funds. “Insider B” represents a series of special interest groups who know that producing quality products or services is not nearly as important as seeking tax code benefits and government contracts and ensures that their campaign donation comes with these benefits and contracts. Those of us that cannot afford to hire “Insider B”, and have to earn our place in the world through hard work, blood, sweat and tears, are now at a significant disadvantage to the cronies who have hired “Insider B” because they can sell their products at a lower price because of their lower tax bills and the government funds which flow to them. The effect is compounded over time as frustration grows and people realize that access matters more than hard work and they begin to reallocate their investments from productive capital and human resources to connected insiders and lawyers.

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