PC Police: 14 and Counting!


Last week we had what some are calling the second worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11. I say some because, at the time of this writing, I am still waiting for most of mainstream, left-leaning media to call it what it is… an attack by extreme religious Muslim terrorists. Period!

What are they waiting for? They had no problem calling it an attack by three white guys in ski masks. Then it was workplace violence because one of the shooters supposedly got into a fight with co-workers and then came in, on the “spur of the moment,” murdering 14 people and injuring another 21. And then we heard that it might have been conservative, gun-toting, Christian nutjobs!

ALL of that speculation was A-OK with little to no information. But when Syed Farook was the first suspect name released, NOT one of the mainstream morons would say “maybe we have a terrorist issue, maybe they killed in the name of Islam.” WHY? Why is it OK to assume it’s always the white, Christian, conservative Republican? Why? Because we don’t behead, kill, stone, or throw gay people off buildings. We don’t walk up to you and shoot you in the head because you can’t recite a verse from the Bible.
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