Paving the Gavel Road to Same-sex ‘Marriage’


Thirty-three states may recognize same-sex “marriage,” but not because voters asked them to! For the last several months, the Left has been trying to build this false narrative about the groundswell of support for same-sex “marriage.” As we’ve seen from the string of activist courts, there may be a shift in the courts — but not the court of public opinion. In fact, as Pew Research points out, support for the redefinition of civilization’s oldest institution has actually dropped.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped the media from trying to convince America that the courts’ decisions are somehow an accurate reflection of what the people believe. Of course, the irony is: if voters were actually with the Left on this issue, there wouldn’t be a need for the courts to intervene! In reality, people in only three of those 33 states have actually voted for the agenda the President’s minority is pushing—the others were court-imposed or legislatively-invented.

The goal is — and has always been — to make Americans feel as if same-sex “marriage” is not only inevitable, but that they’re powerless to push back against it. That’s a lie, as courageous leaders like Mike Huckabee, judges like Roy Moore, and conservatives like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are proving with outspoken support for the people’s right to uphold natural marriage. Still, liberals press on, enlisting the courts in their march to fundamentally transform society.

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