Paula Deen: Getting Fired for Something You Said?!?!


Paula Deen got fired for something she said?! Uh oh. Looks like we are all gonna get fired. Political Correctness is “Censorship.” What happened to Freedom of Speech? Paula Dean said a “racial slur”? Did she take God’s name in vain? Have you? Seems like that would be a greater crime than slurring a fellow human. Should everyone be fired who has slurred the name of Jesus Christ? Shariah Law says that if you slur the name of Mohammed you will be put to death. So now, Mohammed and Black People trump Jesus in respect?!

Gawker reports that she said something to a former disgruntled employee about the N word and tap dancing. Hey, all the rap songs use the N word and in much more vulgar terms than tap dancing. So, black people can use the N word and white people can’t. What if you’re half and half?

I wonder why the minority of blondes can be ridiculed by anyone and no one gets fired. “Two blondes walk into a building. You’d think one of them would have seen it?” Why are dumb blonde jokes still politically correct?

I think Paula Deen should counter sue and while she’s at it, let’s fire everyone who has ever said a dumb blonde joke, and let’s sue the TV show THE TALK for not having one token conservative or one token blonde or one token Christian guest host! That is discrimination. Racial and religious and political discrimination. Let’s fire and sue everyone.

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