Patriots Deflate Marriage


A month after winning their fourth Super Bowl title, the New England Patriots are stepping onto another turf: the marriage debate. This week, the NFL powerhouse — along with Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays and World Series-winning San Francisco Giants — went on the offensive in the heavy-weight battle for marriage at the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a brief signed by 370 other businesses, the Patriots, Rays, and Giants went on the record with their radical views, insisting that “allowing same-sex couples to marry improves employee morale and productivity, reduces uncertainty, and removes the wasteful administrative burdens imposed by the current disparity of state law treatment.” They argue that state laws “that prohibit or decline to recognize marriages between same-sex couples hamper employer efforts to recruit and retain the most talented workforce possible in those states.”

(Apparently, “talent” is now defined by personal views — not professional expertise.) But if the latest polling is any indication, the American people aren’t exactly fans of the become more apparent, same-sex “marriage” is falling increasingly out of favor with the country, according to the latest poll by Rasmussen. Over the past year, their researchers found a significant spike in opposition — so much so that the percentage of people now opposing same-sex “marriage” (44%) is higher than those in support (42%). Like us, they probably think the Patriots, Rays, and Giants should stop trying to ref the culture war and get back to the business of major league sports.

Rays President Brian Auld disagrees, saying, “It’s important that we send this signal of inclusion to the entire region… Our players have traditionally been supportive of these kinds of things.”

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