Pastor Defends Richard Sherman and Says Roger Goodell is the NFL’s Biggest Thug


by John Kirkwood

The biggest “thug” in the NFL is not Richard Sherman or Richie Incognito; it’s Roger Goodell. A guy who tries to toughen up his wingman in the trenches is Spartan, not criminal. And Richard Sherman’s biggest mistake is not what he said, but how he said it. If he would have smiled and rhymed he’d be the next Muhammad Ali, but in the heat of the moment he came across more like Homey the Clown. Personally, I love me some Homey!

If Erin Andrews had interviewed David after he defeated the giant of Gath, he would have been holding the dripping head of Goliath and the world would be a twitter about how “class-less” he was. It’s The NFL – not The View! At least, not yet! Give Roger Goodell a few more years and it’ll be the Cirque du Soleil.

No commissioner has raised more ire than the league’s current honcho. From allegedly sabotaging Rush Limbaugh’s bid at ownership to his silence in the face of Tebow’s lynching; from rolling out the rainbow carpet to sexually politicize the league to making it virtually impossible to play defense, Roger Goodell is the game’s greatest foil. Offensive players may love him because he’s padding their stats and their contracts but defensive players are being taxed to death with fines. I guess they’re paying their fair share. If the league had any integrity, they’d simply go to a two hand touch rule for quarterbacks and receivers; but if a genie ever gives me three wishes, at least one of them will be to have Goodell get stuck in an elevator with James Harrison … on webcam.

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