The Party’s Over: Four Loko Forced to Curtail its Marketing Efforts


by Courtney Gordner

A popular alcoholic beverage known as Four Loko has come under legal scrutiny for the second time in its relatively young life on the market. Four Loko producers Phusion Projects LLC were forced into a court settlement barring them from targeting youth in their marketing efforts. Having already been pressed into removing ingredients from its product in 2010, Four Loko will once again see increased regulations.

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This settlement doesn’t mark the first time Phusion has seen its operations regulated. In 2010, it was forced to remove caffeine from Four Loko as it was deemed to be too dangerous by the Food and Drug Administration.

This regulation was enforced because it was determined that the mix of caffeine and alcohol presented itself as a potentially deadly combination for young people. FDA officials suggested that caffeine masks how intoxicated someone is, encouraging them to overdrink and putting them at risk of alcohol poisoning and other dangers.

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