Paris Lives Out the Horror Planned for Europe, U.S.


The specifics couldn’t have been guessed, but nobody can say the events that occurred yesterday in Paris weren’t seen coming, and seen a long way off.

Today, the non-Muslim world’s prayers should be with Paris and the families of the dead.

The massacre of at least 153 people and wounding of so many more in a coordinated series of attacks should not be reduced to a “told ya so” moment, but …

Europe and America had been warned for years what was coming, doubly so as this year’s wave after wave of illegal immigrants and “refugees” has overwhelmed European countries and the U.S. immigration system.

It can be hoped that European officials who have been drunk on their own moral superiority at letting in the world’s “refugees” have now sobered up and can prevent what surely was the intent of ISIS and other Muslim terror groups, but it seems more likely that Paris is just a beginning.
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