Parents Scream Murder Over Drunk Teen Shot During Home Invasion


by Jan Morgan

Just imagine…. It’s the wee hours of the morning… your home alarm goes off… you grab your gun, run downstairs and see a stranger has just come through your kitchen window. You yell at the stranger to get out of your house and refuses to head your warning, then proceeds past you, heading up the staircase where your girlfriend is in bed. You fire a warning shot, yet he continues to head up the stairs. This time, you shoot him finally bringing an end to the threat.

This was the scenario that played out in a home in Sterling, Virginia. At first the parents of the drunk teen said they understood why the homeowner shot their son. Later, they changed their position and now say the shooting is murder, not self defense.


So, in the eyes of 16 year old Caleb Gordley’s parents, the homeowner should just allow this strange person to climb through his window, ignore demands to leave, and let him walk up the stairs where an unarmed female is alone in a bedroom.

I would have unloaded an entire magazine on the intruder…. He would have never made it to the staircase.

The fact that the homeowner gave him that much time to change his mind and leave the home was particularly generous in my view.

If Caleb Gordley’s parents want to do something useful in response to the death of their son, their time would be better spent educating teens about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Taking personal responsibility for their son’s irresponsible behavior would be more of a service to him and to his peers.

Playing the blame game, looking for someone else to blame for a death that was clearly the 16 year old’s own fault will accomplish nothing.

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