Parent Arrested at Common Core Meeting: Do Parents Have Rights?


by Joe Wurzelbacher

It used to be that elected members of school boards were scared to death when parents showed up to meetings – especially parents who came prepared and had a beef about something their little one brought home or said. The last people they wanted to see when discussing the progress of a child’s education were the people responsible for bringing that child into the world. A concerned, involved, active, or irritated parent could wage considerable power over the domain and curriculum of the local education system. Well, apparently not anymore…

First let me ask you, what are the top ten steps necessary to destroy America’s system of liberty, democracy and free enterprise as we know it? That was rhetorical, I was only looking for one of them as outlined in The Communist Manifesto and that is free education for all children in public schools, where they are to be taught to have a high regard for cultural and political socialism and reject the idea of American exceptionalism. Today this is politely known as “political correctness,” but it remains the same lie. It’s a popular and fashionable form of dishonesty, wrapped in false compassion which results in nothing more than an inferiority complex for the victim-class it pretends to help.

So what can parents do about it? That is my question.

I’m sure there are good schools systems out there; however we are seeing more and more of them implementing curricula influenced by government and political correctness then common sense. This does not help our children. America is ranked 22nd in the world in education and it’s starting to show. Our children are being preyed upon by sexually deviant teachers; parents are being arrested and or bullied by teacher unions and school boards, while kids continue to be passed without passing abilities – in order to receive more and more Federal funds. Public education used to be about education – now, it’s about agendas, opinions, political leanings, diversity, sexual exploitation and CONTROL!

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