Pacific Rim – Review


Whatever you can say about Pacific Rim you cannot say that it lacks vision, guts, story, or monsters (lots of monsters). It also doesn’t have a very complicated plot, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I went into this film with slightly elevated expectations than I had originally set for myself when I saw the first couple of trailers, but they still weren’t extremely high expectations. The idea of a monster movie with big, crash ‘em, mash ‘em robots sounds like the ultimate summer blockbuster movie in the same legacy left to us by the horrible Transformers franchise. Thankfully, this film is far above and beyond anything that Michael Bay ever delivered to us in those pitiful films.

All that said, you should make no mistake, the primary foundation on which this movie is positioned is the crazy, over-the-top action. It is the fact that buildings are demolished, monsters spit crazy acid at things solid objects so that they melt, and big plasma guns makes lot’s of pretty CGI and noise. But mixed in and around with all that is quite a lot of heart, and drama, and human interaction.

The Apocalypse Begins
In the apparently not too distant future, the Kaiju will come, and they will begin wreaking havoc on our cites, buildings, landscapes and the like. Oh, and they are big — really big monsters. The only thing that will stand in their way are the Jaegers — giant robots controlled by, not one, but two people, their minds melded together to control the robot beast bigger than most buildings. This will keep the Kaiju at bay for a short time, but eventually, the beasts coming up out of the ocean are bigger, more powerful, smarter, more overwhelming than the Jaegers can handle. It seems to be the end of our civilization. But in a last ditch effort, and with only four Jaegers left, a few brave souls will attempt to go down into the pacific ocean and drop a bomb into the rift from whence these Kaiju come, cutting them off from their route of attack upon our fair planet.

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