Owning a Motorcycle is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT!


Being alive.

Being free.

Trying to be happy.

Those are the three things that our founding fathers qualified as “human rights.”

But, somewhere along the way, people started thinking of things they wanted, and calling those things rights. Wouldn’t it be absurd to give a list of human rights that included: owning a motorcyle, getting 12 years of piano lessons, indulging in free weekly massages for life…

That would be ridiculous. But, somehow our culture has convinced us that things like education and healthcare are human rights.

Julie Borowski, my absolute fave, did a video last year, articulating why healthcare is NOT a human right. She explained that wanting to be seen by a doctor would require that doctor to treat you whether he likes it or not. Forcing someone to serve you against their will is SLAVERY – which is the opposite of freedom.

Her same point can be applied to education. If you want to go to school, that means that you want seasoned professors to teach you about your specialty. These teachers, just like doctors, are providing you a service. So, how is it that we Americans expect people to work for us for nothing in return – whether it be the teachers and doctors themselves or the working tax payers? If you want someone to provide you with a service, you do a fair trade! I want someone to explain physics to me, and you want my money? Deal!

Liberals with their “bleeding hearts” mean well. Of course, I hate to think about the sick who can’t afford the care they need. I hate to think about kids who are born into poverty and who don’t have a shot at a good education. But, having sympathy and compassion for them shouldn’t translate into enslaving other people to meet their needs. If you’re sympathetic to the needs of the poor, then you should serve the poor! You shouldn’t enlist strangers to serve the poor.

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