Overly Critical of the White House or Just the Right Amount?


The White House has got some tough critics. Obama’s second term hasn’t been a trip to Dippin’ Dots, as even his most loyal supporters have taken to disagreeing with his leadership. It can’t be an easy job, being President. And, I feel for the guy, in that respect. To have every little decision you make nit-picked by your staff and the American people – tough stuff. So, I almost felt a wave of sympathy for our President and his administration as I watched conservative commentators say that the White House revealed too much about this recent terror threat to the embassies overseas.

My initial thought was, “First we’re mad at him for keeping secrets about Benghazi, and now we’re mad about him telling us the truth? Can’t this guy just catch a break?”

Then, it clicked. That “Ohhhhhhhhhh, I get it,” moment.

Conservatives don’t like the way that this recent terrorist threat was handled because it feels a little bit like we were set up to look dumb.

The White House revealing every piece of intel about a terrorist threat doesn’t prove that they’re being upfront at all. Rather, it’s like they’re being purposely…unwise…in an effort to be like, “Look conservatives! We’re being open! Stop complaining about Benghazi!”

The thing is, the White House has got to recognize that conservatives will not be satisfied with a singular display of openness. What we want are direct answers to direct questions about what was done or not done to protect or endanger our American ambassadors who were brutally killed in Benghazi.

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