Where is the Outrage!


by Bob Medinger

It seems that every day we hear of another government scandal or big government intrusion into our private lives, yet there is no public outcry for accountability or punishment of these illegal practices.

I think there are basically three reasons for this.

First, people are busy trying to make a living and worrying about their jobs in this ongoing recession. Despite what the administration says or how they doctor the numbers, “Joe Six Pack” doesn’t see any real improvement in the economy and his/her wages have been stagnant for so long that they can’t remember the last time they got a raise. Instead of planning on what they will do with their next raise, they are worried about whether they will have a job next month.

Second, people are distracted by the overwhelming number and diversity of toys available through technology. People have become addicted to technology. They’ll stand in line for days to buy the latest iPhone, but they’re not interested in the nightly news or what their politicians are doing at the local, state or national level. The news depresses them, so they don’t watch it. The politicians depress them because they “just can’t get along”. They don’t have the stomach for honest debate. They want the instant solution to every problem, just the way it happens in their fantasy world.

Third, the dumbing-down of the population through several generations of public education. The population has not been taught critical thinking skills or civics for several generations in the public schools. This lack of critical thinking along with the lack of respect for teachers, and the absence of discipline in the classroom has taken its toll on the general intelligence of the US population. They have never been taught that it is their duty to pay attention to the political system more than every four years when they elect a president.

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